Roger Ebert has said, "After twenty years of reviewing films, I haven't found another filmmaker who intrigues me more...Errol Morris is like a magician, and as great a filmmaker as Hitchcock or Fellini." More


Film There'll be no learning period with nuclear weapons. You make one mistake and you're going to destroy nations.

First Person

Store Store Loaned your copy of Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control to your ex? Forgot to get your dad a father's day gift? Visit the store.

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Links Danny Elfman composed the scores for Standard Operating Procedure and The Unknown Known.

Nubar Alexanian was the still photographer for Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control, Mr. Death and The Fog of War.

Kyle Cooper designed the animated sequences included the main and end credits for Standard Operating Procedure.

Elsa Dorfman photographed Errol's film subjects and family since 1990.

Bill Drenttel, Michael Bierut, and Betsy Vardell, designers of these web pages, are partners of Winterhouse, Pentagram and RubyStudio, respectively, and contributors to Design Observer.

Robert Fernandez represents Errol for commercial work at Moxie Pictures.

Philip Glass composed the scores for The Fog of War, Thin Blue Line and A Brief History of Time.

Philip Gourevitch, author of the book Standard Operating Procedure, is a staff writer for The New Yorker.

Steve Hardie, production designer for Fog of War and many commercials.

John Kusiak, composer of the musical scores for Tabloid, the First Person television series and numerous television commercials.

Ron Rosenbaum, author of Explaining Hitler and columnist for The New York Observer.

Randy Thom and John Nutt, sound designers for Standard Operating Procedure work out of Skywalker Sound.

Jeff Selis, author of Cat Spelled Backwards Doesn't Spell God and agency producer of the Miller High Life campaign.

Tim Onosko, has completed a documentary Lost Vegas: The Lounge Era. It is narrated - like my Cisco commercials - by Ricky Jay.



filmChrome Errol Morris' The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography theatric release June 2

The Unremitting Search for New Talent ChromeErrol's latest film 'The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography' selected for TIFF

Film Ann Petrone Chrome
Petrone, Ann Marie 53, of Concord, Massachusetts, beloved wife of James Eastland, died on July 11th at their home in Concord after a long battle with cancer. The daughter of Mary (Petrone) Jones and the late Donald Petrone, Ann was born June 2, 1962 in Brockton, Mass and raised in Whitman, Mass. A 1980 graduate of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School, Ann earned her B.F.A. from Tufts University in 1984. Continued...

Film It's Not Crazy, It's Sports. Chrome

It's Not Crazy, It's Sports. Chrome Being Mr. Met New films: 1)'The Subterranean Stadium,' 2) 'The Heist,' 3) 'The Streaker,' 4) 'Being Mr. Met,' 5) 'Most Valuable Whatever,' 6) 'Chrome'

The Unremitting Search for New Talent Sir. Bob Sir Bob, Champion Pig 

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NewsThe B-Side Trailer
Take a look at the trailer for Errol's latest film 'The B-Side'.

IndieWire List
'The B-Side' on IndieWire's list of 50 Movies to See This Summer.

Theatric Release: B-Side
Stay informed about the upcoming theatric release of The B-Side this summer.

Indiewire: Neon Acquisition
Neon acquires The B-Side. Theatrical release of Errol's latest film scheduled for June 2.

Read Errol's piece for the New York Times on Bowe Bergdalh and Trump: Judge, Jury, Executioner, President.

Flip through Flavor Wire's "10 Must-See Movies" at 2016 NYFF, including Errol's The B-Side.

The Film Experience NYFF Review of Errol's The B-Side.

Read Indie Wire's "4 Reasons Distributors Should Buy Errol Morris Gem 'The B-Side".

Errol's Morris' The B-Side to have Eruopean Premiere at the 60th London Film Festival.

Read Film Freak Central's Review of Errol's The B-Side.

Roger Ebert Review
Roger Ebert's review of Errol's most recent film The B-Side.

Variety's review of Errol's newest film The B-Side.

Screen Daily's review of Errol's newest film The B-Side.

Fandor Review
Fandor's review of Errol's newest film The B-Side.

Read: The Guardian's review of The B-Side.
Read: The Hollywood Reporters review of The B-Side.

List: '25 Movies We Can't Wait to See at TIFF 2016" including The B-Side.
The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman Portait Photography to screen at upcoming festivals.

Elsa Dorfman
Errol's newest film on 20x24 Portrait photographer, Elsa Dorfman.

NYFF Sets Doc Program
Spotlight on Documentarys: 'The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography'

Docs at 2016 TIFF
Read about this years doc selection at TIFF including Errol's 'The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography'.

The B-Side at TIFF
Article about Errol's short film 'Demon in the Freezer.'

New York Times Q&A about his film 'Demon in the Freezer.'

The Monster is Mommy
Errol on the Criterion Collection's release of The Manchurian Candidate.

Karen Schmeer Fellowship
Congratulations to Eileen Meyer, 2016's Film Editing Fellow!

Interview: 'How Typography Shapes Our Perception of Truth.' Errol on Baskerville and his new Pentagram book.

Documentary of a Murder
Read Errol's Time piece on Walter Scott's death. Watch his HuffPost interview.

The Thin True Line
What is documentary? Read Errol's piece in The Boston Globe.

'The Thin Blue Line' and a 'Gates of Heaven / Vernon, Florida' box set are out on Blu-ray.

Read: Errol talks about his Criterion releases, and compares 'The Unknown Known' & 'The Fog of War.'

A Fascinated Man
Read about Errol's short Grantland docs at Movie Mezzanine.

Karen Schmeer Fellowship
Congratulations to Anna Gustavi, 2015's Film Editing Fellow!

CBC Radio
Listen: Errol speaks about his portraits of sports fanatics, and remembers Albert Maysles.

Read: 'Watch Errol Morris' New ESPN Shorts, Even If You Don’t Care About Sports.'

Watch Errol's final film in Grantland's "Errol Morris Week."

Watch Errol's 5th film in Grantland's "Errol Morris Week."

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The Thin Blue Line

Criterion Blu-ray now available.

'Gates of Heaven' / 'Vernon, Florida'

Blu-ray box set now available.

Brin-Jonathan Butler's interview with Errol is available on Amazon.

Phillip Glass's film score is now available on iTunes.

Singing Dog
Singing Dog
Watch Errol's duet with Ivan the singing dog!

Taco Bell
Mobile Judge
Watch Errol's new ad for
Taco Bell, and read the New Yorker article.

Store Brief History
Criterion reissued 'A Brief History of Time' on Blu-ray and DVD. (March 18th)

Danny Elfman's soundtrack for The Unknown Known is available on iTunes.

Paperback Edition
WOE Paperback

ESPN: Team Spirit
Team Spirit
People say when you're a fan, you're a fan for life. But that may be a little shortsighted. It's Not Crazy, It's Sports.

7-11: Mobile Judge
Mobile Judge
Come watch Errol's very first commercial.

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